New Narratives is a literary blog / student organization affiliated with the University of Oslo. Our goal is to promote multicultural literature and get students involved in the literary world of Oslo. We publish our literary blog quarterly, and our third publication will be released on December 15th. The theme is “Diaspora,’ and the deadline for sending in is NOVEMBER 20th.

Contributions are welcome anytime — even to issues that have already been published. Send in your contribution to new.narratives1@gmail.com

New Narratives Manifesto

Good literature deserves to be read. Some of the greatest books ever written have slipped through the picky fingers of the canon. Several factors play into this – power structures, systemic discrimination, and sometimes even pure luck. There are many unheard narratives in literature, old and new, with truths that need to be told. New Narratives is a literary blog dedicated to finding these voices. On this page you will find articles, essays, and book reviews that shed light on crucial subjects and find authors that need to be read. Through this blog you will get to explore and discover new literature with us on a quest to finding the full scope of the human experience.


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