Editor´s note

It’s impossible to talk about multiculturalism without mentioning the word “hybrid.” When flitting between different countries and cultures, it becomes natural to identify with certain aspects and slowly make them our own. We hold the firm belief that everyone and everything is hybrid to some extent. But what do we mean by that? Many like to believe that belonging to one country makes hybrid identity non-applicable to them. However, we steal and combine pieces of everything in life and call it ours. The pizza you eat is Italian. The shirt on your back is Indian. You know the story. Hybrid identity, much like multiculturalism, celebrates uniqueness. It celebrates you.

 Hybrid identity is a great way to introduce multiculturalism, because it not only makes us reflect upon similarities and differences in the world – it also holds up a mirror and makes you think: how does this apply to me?

 We at New Narratives are excited to present the very first edition of our literary blog. New Narratives originally started as a project to engage students in the inclusiveness of the new literary world, and we hope to do just that with this edition. Within these pages, we hope to shed new light on old subjects, and light where there was no light before. After half a year of working, planning and working some more, we are finally ready to release some wonderful texts from very engaged and talented students. We hope you enjoy the result as much as we have.

Karina Mahan (editor-in-chief)

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