B & W (Poem)

Black words on a white page

Mercury and silver on a daguerreotype

Michael Jackson
Kak vy pozhivaete, may chërny Gospodin?

White and yolk fizzling in a black pan

John and Yoko by Leibovitz

Qui n’ont rien vu à Hiroshima

Pieces on a chessboard

Pythagoras’ Table of Opposites

The marriage of heaven and hell

Coffee and Cigarettes

The same and the other

Stormtroopers with Darth Vader

The greatest light is the greatest shade

Yin and Yang

I have a dream

Side by side on my piano keyboard

Black holes and white dwarves

Bright stars across the night sky

Chalk on blackboard

White words on a black page.

By Melvin Chen

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