Here you can find extra information about the contributors of this edition (editors do not count). Contributors for our second edition include Sara Rismyhr Engelund, Rikke Aaserød Øisang and Kristian Bjørkan.

Rikke Aaserød Øisang. BA American Studies (University of Leicester) MA English Literature (University of Oslo).

Her main research interests includes issues of gender, race and sexuality in 20th century literature. She is also interested in interdiciplinary approaches to literature. She is currently writing an MA thesis on the problematics of gender and family in Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road.

Kristian Bjørkan. Kristian is a Master’s student in English Literature who has been at the University of Oslo for six years now. He is 27 years old. He likes fantasy novels, nerd games, and celtic music. A huge civil liberties nut, he obsessively follows American politics and ponders how to make a difference from the other side of the Atlantic. Right now he is writing a short story about corporate excesses on the occasion of Occupy Wall Street. He hopes to survive as a writer once his studies are finished.


Sara Rismyhr Engelund. Has a bachelor in anthropology and one in gender studies (both University of Oslo).

Her main interests include gender and sexuality. She’s also a fan of literature and travelling. Currently working on her MA thesis in anthropology (University of Oslo) about homeless LGBT youth in the United States.

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